Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Day

Hello from rainy, muddy California! It's been awhile since anyone has posted and since I haven't been outside in FIVE days because of this storm, I need something to do! Haha. The weather has been crazy! I'm loving the rain, but I guess a tornado even touched down in Ventura last night. That seems a little extreme to me!

Otherwise, things have been pretty mellow. Around the house, I have been getting a lot done. I painted the whole living room/dining room and finally just finished the bedroom as well. We got a new washer/dryer and built some cabinets around those. But there is still a LOT to do. So I'm not ready to show pictures or brag about our accomplishments until it's all done. I'm kind of thinking we need to hire Mika to help us finish things up!

With the photography biz, things are plugging along. I've had 2 jobs this month (actually PAID) and have a few more possibilities lined up for coming months. I'm also starting to enter my photos in some contests, just to see if I get any type of response. I figure if I can even double my tiny income from last year, I'll be on my way.

Paul has been working on a new show called "Teach" where Tony Danza (from Who's The Boss?) teaches English to high school students. He has been working a lot of long days to get the show off the ground. But he says it's actually a pretty good show. A lot more real moments than some of the others he's working on.

Gadoo is fat as ever. He still gets spurts of energy here and there, but mostly likes to be cuddling next to me as much as possible. And if I'm working on my computer? Forget about it. He wants to be the center of attention and will sit directly on the keyboard (or at least make it really difficult for me to get anything done.) Turd Ferguson is his other name.

Anyway, that's it for now. Would love to know how everyone else is doing (if you ever get the time!)

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